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To teach a high quality program from that students relish learning the fundamental skills necessary to draw, dance, and drama, progressing piecemeal at their level of ability, to become a lot of competent and complete at each level of the Art Planet program.

To provide a heat and friendly surroundings during which sacred lecturers shine at serving to, encouraging, and difficult every student to achieve his or her individual, inventive potential. to supply service that\'s useful, cheerful, and caring; making a cushty atmosphere that puts our families comfortable.

About Art Planet


Art planet working from 2 years in Nagpur. It's basically related on Artistic field. We teach Dance, Acting, Film direction & script writing, Drawing & craft. We organize social activity like Street Play & etc. We train student for acting, dance, Film direction & script writing and then selected student get chance in our Short-film & Documentary Projects.


Dance is that the art of movement of the body, typically rhythmically and to music, victimization prescribed or impermanent steps and gestures.

Drama & Acting

An important condition and is that the dominant emotional theme of a piece of art or the first feeling that's induced within the person who views, reads or hears such a piece.

Drawing & Painting

Art could be a various vary of human activities and also the merchandise of these activities, typically involving ingenious or technical talent.

Direction & Script Writing

Screenwriters area unit accountable for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the playscript, and delivering it, within the needed format, to development executives.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! "Live the life" you've imagined.

The idea of rasa is key to several types of Indian art as well as dance, music, musical theatre, cinema and literature, the treatment, interpretation, usage and actual performance of a selected rasa differs greatly between totally different designs and colleges of abhinaya, and therefore the Brobdingnagian regional variations even at intervals one vogue.