Dance will be classified and delineate in varied ways that.

It should be analysed strictly by its choreography, its repertoire of movements, or it should be classified in line with its time or place of origin. nevertheless study reveals several generic similarities in many alternative times and places.

What is Dance?

Dance is that the art of movement of the body, typically rhythmically and to music, victimization prescribed or impermanent steps and gestures.

"A dance" is anyone prescribed sequence of such movements, or the music to that it's performed, or an occasion at that it takes place. Dance can also be thought to be a style of nonverbal communication identifiable in alternative animals; in bee dances and behavior patterns like sexual union dances.
An important distinction is to be drawn between theatrical and democratic dance. all the same, these 2 classes don't seem to be utterly separate. every could borrow from the opposite. Social dancers could become skilled or competitive dancers, is also watched by millions. each can also have special functions; they'll be ceremonial dances performed solely at only once of year, they'll be supposed as AN titillating dance, a ritual dance or a sacred or rite dance. Such dances enable each emotional expression and invocation. Martial arts kata square measure typically compared to dances, and sports like gymanstic exercise, ice skating and synchronal swimming square measure typically thought to include dance.
Performance and participation
Theatrical dance, additionally known as performance or choreography, is meant primarily as a spectacle, typically a performance upon a stage by virtuoso dancers. It typically tells a story, maybe victimization mime, costume and scenery, alternatively it should merely interpret the voice, that is usually specially composed. Examples square measure western ballet and choreography, Classical Indian dance and Chinese and Japanese song and dance dramas. Most classical forms square measure centred upon dance alone, however performance dance can also seem in opera and alternative kinds of musical theatre.
Participatory dance, on the opposite hand, whether or not or not it's a people dance, a social dance, a gaggle dance like a line, circle, chain or sq. dance, or a partner dance like is common in western Western ballroom dance, is undertaken primarily for a typical purpose, like social interaction or exercise, of participants instead of onlookers. Such dance rarely has any narrative. a gaggle dance and a corps Delaware ballet, a social partner dance and a pas Delaware deux, dissent deeply. Even a solo dance is also undertaken alone for the satisfaction of the dancer. democratic dancers typically all use an equivalent movements and steps however, as an example, within the rave culture of electronic popular music, immense crowds could interact in free dance, uncoordinated with those around them. On the opposite hand, some cultures lay down strict rules on the actual dances within which, as an example, men, ladies and kids could or should participate.